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There may be people in your family who need extra help when it comes to making important decisions regarding finances, health care or other big life or legal decisions. KJB Law Firm has helped manyBoston & Lynnfield area families establish guardianship for their loved ones, including guardianships for minors, senior family members who are affected by declining cognitive functions and family members with disabilities. If you would like to learn more about guardianship, what kinds of authority they have and if your situation would be appropriate for guardianship, please contact the attorneys at KJB Law Firm.

Child Welfare

Child welfare law is focused entirely on the health, happiness and safety of children, especially those who have suffered abuse and neglect. Founding attorney Kimberly J. Baker Donahue is passionate about child welfare issues, and has been certified by the Committee for Public Counsel Services’ Children and Family Law Program since 2004. The KJB Law Firm is committed to protecting the most vulnerable of society, and you can rely on attorney Baker Donahue to aggressively pursue the best interests of your family and children.


It’s easy to confuse guardianships and conservatorships, as they are similar in that the court is giving one person authority to make decisions for another person. In the case of Conservatorship, the control is related only to the estate of the ward. When Guardianship is granted, the guardian has control over the person themselves, and can make decisions regarding their health and welfare. Conservators can only make decisions regarding the estate and property.

Small Business

Whether your small business needs assistance incorporating or you just need someone to assist with contracts, boilerplate documents or litigation, KJB Law Firm has relevant experience and legal knowledge to assist. Their attorneys have assisted business owners with legal issues involving employees, including hiring contracts and firing, franchising, financing issues, intellectual property issues, buying, selling or reorganizing and much more. If you have legal questions involving your small business, contact KJB Law Firm.

Municipal Law

Municipal issues generally refer to local government regulations, land use, permitting, ordinance compliance and zoning matters. Whether you’re trying to determine how to remain in compliance with a local ordinance, are having permit issues or even need to appeal a previous ruling to a local board or commission, the attorneys at KJB Law Firm may be able to assist.