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Probate is an important part of ensuring that your final wishes are carried out. During this process, the requirements you set out in your will are legally recognized. At the beginning of probate, a personal representative is appointed. This person or organization is responsible for ensuring assets reach their intended beneficiaries.

If you haven’t considered how probate should be handled after you’re gone, you should. Let’s look at the importance of probate and the reasons why everyone should give it due consideration.

The Probate Process is Essential for Ensuring Your Will is Carried Out
Everyone should have a will. Only a formal statement of your desires and expectations can help ensure that your wishes are clear. Without a will, the process of distributing assets can become very ambiguous. People might argue over assets and could even go to court.

Just as important is probate, since it is the process that gives your will force.

When you pass, virtually all your assets go into probate. This helps ensure that they will not be lost or converted to another person’s use. The personal representative of the estate serves as custodian of the assets and locates beneficiaries who might have fallen out of touch.

Without formal probate, no one can guarantee how your assets will be dispensed.

Choose the Right Attorney to Administer Your Probate or Represent Your Estate
In most cases, not all your assets will go into probate. For example, jointly owned assets will typically go to the surviving owner. Certain investments and accounts have a special beneficiary designation that allows them to avoid probate, and assets in trust generally do not go to probate.

For most people, however, the vast majority of assets will enter probate.

To ensure assets are dispensed with properly, it’s crucial to partner with a law firm that offers true estate planning expertise. KJB Law firm has the experience and integrity you need. We provide true peace of mind and a process tailored to your needs.

KJB Law Firm
KJB Law Firm can help you with all your estate and probate needs in the Boston and Lynnfield area. KJB’s alliances with professionals in real estate, taxation, insurance and asset preservation mean the firm is second to none in delivering the services you need.

When it comes to probate administration and estate representation, KJB Law Firm understands that this work is a sacred trust. We take our duty to you, your loved ones and your estate very seriously. You can rest assured we will fairly and accurately fulfill our clients’ last wishes to the letter.

It’s never too soon to think about probate administration. Get the answers you need by contacting KJB Law Firm.

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