Real Estate (Purchase, Sale and Family Transfers)

Real estate can be complex, whether you’re an expert or a newcomer. Even those who invest in real property on a regular basis can discover some contracts are difficult to interpret.
Individuals and couples looking for their first home face significant hurdles and need true expertise to navigate them. And what about bequeathing property or transferring it in other ways?

Each of these situations creates its own legal challenges. KJB Law Firm can help.

KJB Law Firm Provides Trusted Advice in Real Estate Law
For most people, real estate is the most important investment of them all. No matter if you’re buying a home, a property to serve as your office or an investment property where others will live or work, the value of that decision is only as sound as the contract.

When the legal framework of a transaction is poor, the investment is threatened.

KJB Law Firm is there to resolve sensitive real estate challenges:

  • Transferring or Bequeathing Real Estate
    • Once you hold a clear title to your property, it’s yours to do with as you wish. When it comes to transferring it to others, however, careful strategy is critical. KJB Law Firm works with experts in taxation and asset protection to ensure your beneficiaries get maximum value.
  • Title Issues
    • Any number of title problems can occur during a real estate transaction. Sometimes, the records needed to make an agreement are lost. In other cases, liens or other complications are discovered. Effective legal representation can mitigate the risk.
  • Misrepresentations and False Advertising
    • Sadly, not all parties in real estate act in good faith. Sometimes, a property is simply not what it was made out to be. These cases can mean real harm to you – in both time and money invested. Recouping those losses from the responsible party may require legal representation.
  • Real Estate Litigation
    • On the other hand, anyone can find themselves targeted by real estate litigation – even if they’ve done nothing wrong. Pending litigation can put your future in doubt and reduce the value of your property. Crafting a proactive defense quickly can make the difference in your case.

With KJB Law Firm, You Can Avoid Real Estate Surprises
Making any kind of real estate purchase is a huge, complex endeavor. One of the hardest parts about it is the inherent uncertainty. You can’t be completely sure what a property is really like or even what the true intentions of the seller may be.

KJB Law Firm provides you with the legal guidance and expert tools necessary to take the right steps through any twists and turns. For true real estate clarity – and the peace of mind that comes with it – call today.

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