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Estate planning is an essential part of facing the future with true peace of mind. No matter what your personal net worth or what holdings you have, estate planning is the key to ensuring that they are treated according to your wishes.

What is estate planning? It refers to any strategic approach to making sure your plans and preferences for your estate are understood and executed. Your estate includes all assets and holdings, including things like real property, your personal belongings and any investments.

The Basics of Estate Planning: What You Need to Know
Generally, people plan to pass on many of their assets to their children or other “next of kin.” However, even this should be codified in a will. A will is a document that sets forth your specific instructions to others after you die.
If you don’t have a will, even straightforward requests can be lost, forgotten or subverted. Children, other relatives, even business associates and friends may get into contentious fights about what you would have wanted and how your property should be divided.
Once you have a will, a trusted person – called a personal representative – is responsible for ensuring your directives are carried out for you. That person or group, or another of your choosing, can also be a trustee, who looks after a trust. A trust is a special way to organize and defend your assets that can substantially reduce estate taxes.

KJB Law Firm Will Help You Protect and Preserve Your Assets
Throughout your life, you’ve worked hard to cultivate your assets. Estate planning with KJB Law Firm helps you ensure their value is protected and your wishes honored. There is simply no substitute for the proven expertise of our estate planning professionals.
KJB Law Firm has not only attracted top legal talent in the area of estate planning, but developed deep partnerships with finance, accounting and real estate professionals. Through our network of skilled partners, we provide knowledgeable guidance across key areas:

  • Taxation and Legal Tax Avoidance
  • Real Estate
  • Insurance
  • Asset Preservation Strategies

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You never know what tomorrow will bring, so please don’t wait. No matter how complex your estate plan may be, KJB Law Firm has the experience you need.
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